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Top 10 Largest Cities in the World and Metropolitan Areas

Top 10 Largest Cities in the World and Metropolitan Areas

In the list of the largest cities in the world by population, the data presented indicate the number of inhabitants by the city itself, which is defined by the city administrative limits or controlled by a single authority. And the metropolitan areas comprise the densely populated urban areas and their less populated surrounding areas.

10 São Paulo – 12.038 million
In the tenth of the largest cities in the world in a number of inhabitants is Sao Paulo with the largest population in the Americas, as well as in the entire Southern Hemisphere. The São Paulo capital became the most populous city in Brazil from 1960 when it overtook Rio of January. The city is home to native residents of 196 countries.

9 Mumbai – 12.4 million
Mumbai or Greater Bombay is India’s most populous city and is the largest commercial and economic center of India. Due to the rapid population growth of this city, it has been experiencing problems that most developing cities go through, such as poverty, unemployment, and poor public health. With the high price of housing due to scarcity, the inhabitants of this city are forced to live in tight residences and away from their jobs, thus causing mass traffic on congested roads.

8 Tianjin – 12.784 million
Tianjin is China’s third most populous city and is one of four municipalities that is directly governed by the Central Government. It has an important seaport and access to Beijing. In the Qing Dynasty until 1911, the city grew and several European-style buildings and mansions were built, but its development slowed with the beginning of the People’s Republic of China, caused by government policy beyond the 1976 Tangshan earthquake.

7 Moscow – 13,197 million
Moscow is the largest city on the European continent, both by population and by territorial extension. Moscow is also the coldest metropolis and megacity in the world and is one of the three federal units of Russia, the largest territorial country on the planet. With about 40% vegetation, it is one of the greenest cities on the planet, and has the largest forest within an urban center and the second-largest skyscraper in Europe.

6 Tokyo – 13.617 million
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is the sixth of the largest cities in the world, but in the metropolitan area aspect, it is the most populous in the world. This city is the highest in the global economic power index. On TripAdvisor’s worldwide city survey, the city was the best for public transportation, street cleaning, nightlife, shopping, and local utilities. The Michelin Guide gave Tokyo the most stars a city has ever received and is ranked first in the world’s safest cities index and one of the best for being a college student.

5 Dhaka – 14.543 million
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh being the fifth most populous in the world, as well as the fourth-most densely populated. The area of ​​the city has been inhabited since the first millennium, but it was from the 16th century that it gained importance as a capital city.

4 Istanbul – 14.657 million
Istanbul in Turkey is a transcontinental city, with two-thirds living on the European side and the rest in Asia. The largest European city has also been named in the past of Byzantium and Constantinople and is one of the most important cities in human history, becoming in 2015 the European Capital of Culture. In 500 AD, the Turkish city was the most populous in the world when it surpassed Rome, topping the ranks with four other cities until the twelfth century, when it finally lost the rank of the largest cities in the world.

3 Karachi – 14.910 million
The city of Karachi in Pakistan has been inhabited for millennia and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It was known between the 1960s and 70s as the City of Lights and Paris of Asia but fell into disrepute for conflicts and violent crime from the 1980s onwards. It recovered from this picture with the country’s controversial fight against crime, resulting thus in the rise in the price of real estate.

2 Beijing – 18.590 million
As the second-largest city in China, Beijing is also one of the oldest cities in the world. It was for much of the second millennium, the most populous city in the world, especially between the 15th and 19th centuries. The government of China implemented in 2017 a population control for this city, causing the population to shrink by twenty thousand people. Beijing airport is the second busiest in the world in passenger traffic.

1 Shanghai – 24.153 million
Ranked first in the world’s largest cities by population is Shanghai, China’s most populous city in the world. Just as the Chinese government did with Beijing, the world’s second-most populous city, so did Shanghai, which was the implementation of population control in 2017, resulting in a population decrease of 10,000 people. This city is one of four that is governed directly by the central government of China, as it is an important administrative, commercial and maritime city, and has the world’s busiest container port.


Other major cities in the world
11 Shenzhen (China) – 11.908 million
12 Guangzhou (China) – 11.548 million
13 Delhi (India) – 11.035 million
14 Wuhan (China) – 10.608 million
15 Lahore (Pakistan) – 10.355 million
16 Seoul (South Korea) – 10.290 million
17 Chengdu (China) – 10,152 million
18 Kinshasa (DR Congo) – 10.12 million
19 Lima (Peru) – 9.752 million
Jakarta (Indonesia) – 9.608 million
21 Cairo (Egypt) – 9.500 million
22 Mexico City (Mexico) – 8.910 million
23 Tehran (Iran) – 8,847 million
24 Baghdad (Iraq) – 8.765 million
25 Xi’an (China) – 8.705 million
26 London (United Kingdom) – 8.674 million
27 New York City (USA) – 8.550 million
28 Nanjing (China) – 8.460 million
29 Bangalore (India) – 8.444 million
30 Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) – 8.426 million
31 Bangkok (Thailand) – 8.281 million
32 Chongqing (China) – 8.165 million
33 Bogota (Colombia) – 8.081 million
34 Lagos (Nigeria) – 8.048 million
35 Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – 7.506 million
36 Hong Kong (China) – 7.234 million
37 Chennai (India) – 7.088 million
38 Hangzhou (China) – 7.082 million
39 Hyderabad (India) – 6.809 million
40 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – 6.454 million
41 Zhengzhou (China) – 6.406 million
42 Shenyang (China) – 6.255 million
43 Qingdao (China) – 6.188 million
44 Santiago (Chile) – 6.158 million
45 Dalian (China) – 5,900 million
46 Singapore (Singapore) – 5.607 million
47 Ahmadabad (India) – 5.577 million
48 Suzhou (China) – 5.468 million
49 Saint Petersburg (Russia) – 5.323 million
50 Harbin (China) – 5.282 million

Largest metropolises in the world
Tokyo (Japan) – 37.8 million inhabitants
Shanghai (China) – 34 million inhabitants
Jakarta (Indonesia) – 30.214 million inhabitants
Mumbai (India) – 27.750 million inhabitants
Karachi (Pakistan) – 27.506 million inhabitants
Delhi (India) – 26.444 million inhabitants
Seoul (South Korea) – 25.6 million inhabitants
Beijing (China) – 24.9 million inhabitants
New York (USA) – 23.724 million inhabitants
Manila (Philippines) -22.710 million inhabitants
Kinshasa (DR Congo) – 21.265 million inhabitants
Sao Paulo (Brazil) – 21.243 million inhabitants
Cairo (Egypt) – 20.44 million inhabitants
Mexico City (Mexico) – 20.4 million inhabitants
Osaka (Japan) – 19.342 million inhabitants
Dhaka (Bangladesh) – 18,898 million inhabitants
Moscow (Russia) – 17.9 million inhabitants
Lagos (Nigeria) – 16.06 million inhabitants
Tianjin (China) – 15.469 million inhabitants
Tehran (Iran) – 15.233 million inhabitants
Istanbul (Turkey) – 14.804 million inhabitants
Kolkata (India) – 14.618 million inhabitants
Bangkok (Thailand) – 14.566 million inhabitants
Chengdu (China) – 14.427 million inhabitants
Guangzhou (China) – 14.044 million
London (United Kingdom) – 13.88 million inhabitants

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