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Top 10 Smartest People in the World Right Now

Top 10 Smartest People in the World Right Now

One of the most commonly used ways to calculate how smart a person is is by the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test. It is a quiz with several questions ranging from math problems to vocabulary items.
Although doubtful as to the accuracy, high IQs have led people to fame and international recognition.
The focus of this top 10 is to remember those who are still alive, what they do, and a bit of their history.

There are 3 live and tried people with 180 IQ points. They are: Benjamin Netanyahu – He is an influential Israeli politician, current Prime Minister of Israel. Born in Tel Aviv, it was in the United States that he lived much of his youth, where he majored in architecture and earned a master’s degree in business from the MIT and Political Science from MIT and Harvard University.
From then on, he discovered his political vocation. James Woods – He is a great American actor known for acting in great classics, as well as winning 3 Emmy Awards and two Oscars.
His intelligence and quick thinking had been prominent since his childhood, to which he was considered a genius for his age. James initially studied political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but dropped out after actively getting involved with the drama group Dramashop. Later, upon completion, he went straight to the Broadway stage.
John H. Sununu – At 73, it is not known if he is still considered to be one of the smartest, but the high IQ 180 score was recorded for this Cuban who also succeeded in achieving one of the highest positions in America. He was chief of staff of the White House under President George W. Bush, but was former governor of New Hampshire.

The prodigy boy was the youngest master’s graduate from the University of Virginia at the age of 16. His background says that Smith was able to memorize and recite books at 14 months, and add numbers at 18 months. Today, he travels the world as a peace activist fighting for children’s rights. His work has been nominated 4 times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Philip, besides being a genius, is an example of willpower. At the age of 14, he served his nation’s (Nigeria) army in battle, disrupting the already precarious study of the region. He completed his high school through self-study, and also took his first correspondence course at the University of London, but that was not enough. He moved to the United States and became a bachelor of mathematics (Oregon), naval engineer (Washington), and another master of applied mathematics (Maryland). Philip was one of the Gordon Bell Award winners for one of his technology studies in the oil field.
He was also voted the 35th greatest African of all time in a poll conducted by New African magazine.

Kasparov, now 49, dedicates his time to politics and writing books. But in times past, he was in 1st place in the FIDE (World Chess Federation) ranking. The passion for chess started at the age of 7 at his school, and from tournament to tournament, he learned and gained experience. At 15, he was already a “master” by winning the Russian national championship. At 17, he was a junior chess world champion becoming a “Grandmaster”. But he only achieved the professional title of world champion by defeating Anatoly Karpov in 1985 in a historic game. He became the youngest grandmaster (22) to occupy the world top in chess. Tired and without personal goals, he retired in 2006.

6th RICK ROSNER – 192
Today, Rick is a 52-year-old writer. He became famous for the curious unusual life of super-geniuses with such a high IQ. He was not as successful as the others on this list, but became known for the eccentric choices made. According to the same, he worked a good time as skater, waiter, porter and even stripper. He has appeared in several TV documentaries about his activities, including participating in the program “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, where he was eliminated by missing a question considered easy. He currently writes and produces for quiz shows run by Jimmy Kimmel.

Christopher managed to surpass 195 IQ points, becoming known as the smartest person in America. But behind so many magazine covers and TV shows, he’s had a hard life getting to where he is. Son of a poor family, he was beaten from 6 to 14 years by his stepfather. Even so, he always proved to be a prodigy. At 6 months, he could speak a few words, at 4 years, he learned to read and that was enough for him to take off self-taught. He graduated from high school with advanced mathematics, physics, philosophy, Latin and Greek. Langan was later able to develop his own “theory of the relationship between mind and reality,” which he calls the “cognitive-theoretical model of the universe.”

4th KIM UNG-YONG – IQ 210
One of the greatest wonders ever known. As a child, Kim impressed the world with his intelligence. Only at 6 months, he started talking. When he was a year old, he could speak fluently. And he didn’t stop there. He wanted to speak other languages ​​too. At 4 years old, he already spoke Japanese, Korean, German and English. When he turned five, he added 4 more languages ​​(Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog) and performed on a national TV show surprising the world, and NASA, which later (aged 8) invited Kim to finish his studies in the United States.
After completing a doctorate in physics (16 years), Dr. Kim worked at NASA for another 4 years. Then he returned to Korea and earned a doctorate in civil engineering, changing his work area. From 2007, he teaches at one of the best universities in Korea.

Hirata is one of the best known American geniuses. He drew the world’s attention by being the youngest (13-year-old) gold medal winner at the International Physics Olympics among the smartest on the planet (up to 19). At 14, Hirata joined the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and two years later began working with NASA on a project that explores the possibility of colonizing Mars. Hirata is currently a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Ohio.

Marilyan is an American and writer for a column in Parade magazine, where she solves mathematical problems and answers readers’ questions on a variety of subjects. She held the title “Highest IQ” in the Guinness Book of World Records for 5 years. Today, she may be content to be the smartest female in the world.

1st TERENCE TAO – IQ 230
When Tao was two years old, his parents realized that he was different from other children. They saw Tao teaching five-year-olds how to spell and add numbers, and when asked how he had learned these skills, he replied that he was watching Sesame Street on television. Tao is Australian, but his story is similar to other geniuses of this TOP 10. Having won several math Olympics awards, Tao completed his 16-year bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics and was invited to graduate in the US. At age 20, he finished his Ph.D. and joined the faculty, where he would later become the youngest professor at the University of California. Tao contributes to advanced and complex studies, unraveling theorems and mathematical analyzes. Therefore, he received several honors, awards, and honors.

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