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Top 10 craziest and Weirdest Things that Fell From the Sky

Top 10 craziest and Weirdest Things that Fell From the Sky

If you think that the only thing that falls from the sky is rain, know that you are badly mistaken. In this immense world, very curious and strange things have fallen from the heavens.
Check out the Top 10 of the craziest things that ever fell from the sky:

1 – Vampire Fish
In Alaska, a very strange fish called a “vampire fish” fell from the sky. The incidence happened on June 2015, when the mysterious, giant “vampire fish” fell from the sky and terrified residents of a small Alaskan town.
These Arctic lampreys are not sold or found in nearby rivers. The fish has five rows of sharp teeth. The animals were found dead and alive in various gardens, on the streets and even in an Alaskan park. According to the Alaska Department of Fisheries and Hunting, the fishes fell from the sky because of seagulls.

2 – Military Vehicles
A video posted on Youtube showed three Humvees, US Army military vehicles, falling from the sky. The equipment was being tested in April 2016 in Germany, but failed and fell to the ground. The army says no one was injured.

3 – Meteorite
A woman was hit by a meteorite while she was dozing in her living room. The incident took place on November 30, 1954. The meteorite crashed through the roof of a house in the Sylacauga region of Alabama. Hodges was sleeping on her couch when the meteorite crushed her hip. The meteorite is currently in possession of the University of Alabama.

4 – Turtle
A turtle crashed onto the windshield of a car on I-4 Highway in Deltona, Florida. It happened on May 2016. Nicole Bjanes was driving at about 75 miles per hour when the front vehicle ran over a turtle. The animal was thrown into the air and hit the windshield. Interestingly, the turtle survived the accident.

5 – Candy Rain
A rain of candy fell from the skies in Napa, California, in the 19th century. This happened in Lake County, exactly on September 2, 1857. According to reports at the time, a shower of sugar crystals did indeed fall. Some locals even made molasses with the crystals.

6 – Marijuana
A bundle of weed fell from the sky at the Nogales family home in Arizona. They discovered the weed pack that went through the garage roof in the middle of the night. The drug was thrown by an ultralight aircraft. Police said the pilot was suspected of drug trafficking and was throwing packages on the outskirts of the city or in the desert, but that night, he missed the target. The value of the drug found was about $10,000.

7 – Feces
A 16th birthday party was ruined when feces fell on the guests. A plane reportedly dropped human waste when in flight, covering a birthday party in Levittown, Pennsylvania. More than 40 people were horrified by the incident.

8 – Metal Spheres
In January 2016 in Vietnam, three metal spheres fell from the sky. The largest object weighed about 45 kg. They are believed to belong to a satellite.

9 – Angel
One man found a doll with a rather angelic appearance, but eventually, it was a sex toy, that is, an inflatable doll. Residents of a remote Indonesian village saw the doll and believed it to be an angel. The incidence happened in April 2016.

10 – Ship-sinking Cow
A Japanese fishing boat sank in the Japanese Sea in 1997. When asked why, the crew said a cow had fallen from the sky and sunk the ship. Of course no one believed the story until an embarrassed member of the Russian Air Force stated to the Japanese authorities that one of his members had stolen a cow to enjoy its flesh, but in mid-flight, the cow began to struggle, and to save the aircraft and the lives of the crew, the thief shot the poor cow from an altitude of 9,000 meters and eventually accidentally hit the Japanese fishing vessel. What luck, or rather, bad luck!

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