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8 Great Annual Festivals in the World You Need to Enjoy

8 Great Annual Festivals in the World You Need to Enjoy

Around the world, there are big events that draw people from all over the globe to enjoyable days and nights.
Here are some great parties around the world that roll out annually.

1. Coachella (United States)
One of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, Coachella takes place every year in the warm Californian city of Indio, bringing together more than 100 attractions to the delight of rock, electronica, hip hop and music fans alike.
This is a good time to meet new bands and new artists with each edition, expanding their musical repertoire.
It is an event that also impresses by the enormous structure and elements that make up the decoration of the space. There it is also possible that the clubbers set up their tents and spend – literally – every day within this festival. There are even spaces for massages, for recharging cell phones and for washing clothes.

2. Sónar (Spain)
Another major festival in this guide, Sónar is both an international advanced music festival and a major new media event.
It has been taking place since 1994 in Barcelona every June and also since 2002 in other cities around the world such as Reykjavik, Buenos Aires, London, New York, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Seoul, Lyon, Toronto, Hamburg, Montreal, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Oakland , Los Angeles, Osaka, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.
The event emerged as the pioneer for its format and content that values ​​the cultural multiplicity of each place where the festival holds. It also promotes new trends in electronic music, dance, digital creation, and new media, valuing the link between creativity and technology. This is why it is a meeting point for creative people from various sectors.

3. Westman Islands Festival (Iceland)
Held in August, the Westman Islands Festival is a music festival that takes place on the south coast of Iceland. And although the country is very small, this festival has one of the largest crowd in the world and is one of the busiest.
After all, according to the report, there is no sleep there during the weekend when this excitement happens. And this is taken so seriously that there are people who roam the places with a single function: waking up the sleepers who are forced to drink vodka.
And to keep it cool, there are bonfires scattered throughout the space and fireworks make the party even more beautiful.

4. kaZantip (Ukraine)
The city of Popovka, Ukraine, hosts another major music festival: KaZantip. The event is set to be the party of your dreams that takes you to an imaginary place where you can escape to enjoy the summer holidays in eastern Europe to the sound of electronic music.
And if you have already linked one thing to another, we can guarantee that yes, you will certainly not lack beautiful European women (including blondes with colored eyes) for you to worship.
This is a party full of peculiarities, starting with the existence of a statute that delimits specific rules to be applied within the limits of the event. The biggest one is: To “seek happiness, find happiness, fly so happy, believe in the surreal and believe in miracles.”

5. Open’er Festival (Poland)
Our next suggestion comes from Poland. It’s the Open’er Festival, which always brings together big names like Blur, The Strokes, Snoop Dogg, Coldplay, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Kings Of Leon, Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, Fatboy Slim, among others. There are also performances by Polish artists.
The festival, one of the most respected in Europe, also pays attention to art with performances of plays and also a space for the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art. Not to mention you can still see many Poles enjoying this buzz. Not bad, huh ?!

6. Holi (India)
Early spring always suggests the arrival of a world of color. With this in mind, the Holi party takes place in India, which celebrates the arrival of the season by bringing together people from all over the world on two days of holidays, who, with paints made from rice powder, take to the streets to throw these paints at each other.
Hindu priests also joke and throw colorful water and flowers at the crowd to celebrate the outbreak of evil and the triumph of good in this celebration that begins with the lighting of a bonfire.

7. Full Moon Party (Thailand)
“What’s this about the party that attracts so many people?” “The magic of the moon, maybe…” This is the question many ask when they arrive at the Full Moon Party, a festival that takes place one night before or after the coming of the full moon in Koh Phangan.
This tour stirs the summer of Thailand where thousands of people enjoy the night with the moon as their biggest spectator over their heads.
The event began when a group of tourists realized the beauty of the moon at the venue and decided to throw a party to celebrate the full moon night. The festival is of great proportions having presentations of DJs of the most varied styles and even fire-breathers and jugglers.

8. Fuji Rock Festival (Japan)
It is from the other side of the world that we end our tour at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan. After all, there is the Fuji Rock Festival, which takes place at a ski resort and is one of the biggest music festivals in Tierra del Fuego.
And because it happens in Japan, you can look forward to a better-organized festival and technology to your advantage – knowing that you can buy your beer from a vending machine, and there is a scheme that greatly reduces queues.
Leading artists such as Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Franz Ferdinand, Jack Johnson, and Lord have all taken to the stage of this event set against the famous Japanese Mount.

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