Ever wonder why everyone stares at you when you walk pass? It’s probably because of your size. Looking attractive is trendy and looking really fat is almost outdated. Many times, people feel when you are excessively fat, you add much relevance but that is wrong. There are more help detriments of being fat than there is to be normal. However, if you currently do not find being fat attractive and you want to trim down, here are some daily routine you can gainfully engage in to get your body back in shape.


  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Many people think skipping breakfast will help reduce your weight but that is wrong. Skipping breakfast will only make you lose some nutrient because breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Therefore, skipping breakfast will put you at risk instead of helping you reduce.

  1. Eat regular meals

Eat regular meal during the day can also help reduce excess weight. This is so because, eating regular meals reduces the risk of being hungry which is one factor that makes eating junk an option. When you eat regular meal, junk food becomes out of the list and soon you burn down calories and lose weight.

  1. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

Generally, Eating fruits and vegetables have very good function in our body system. Consumption of fruit is one remedy to losing weight because fruits and greens are rich in fibre.

  1. Get more active

Spice up your daily life routine with activities. One of the weight lose activity you can engage in is exercise. This keeps your body and weight in shape, reduces calories and give you an all round change. While you engage in exercise, the more you put yourself into an active movement, the more u observe a difference.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is another weight loss routine you can try. Hence, taking in more water in place of food reduces the body calories because it consumes extra calories. Water intake is generally a good practice because it helps the body function well.

  1. Eat high-fibre foods

When reducing weight, patients are advised to avoid eating starchy Foods and change routine to a food highly rich in fibre. Fibre food gives you satisfaction which makes you consume lesser than you can imagine. Examples of fibre food are beans, bread, fruits and vegetable, wheat bread, wheat flour e.t.c.

  1. Read food labels

Keep records of what you eat. Be sure to check the quality of sugar, fat and more on the label of your food items. Don’t buy food items that will provoke your body size. Before purchasing anything from a store, have a good knowledge of the nutrient you will derive from eating it and the composition of the food items. This will help control the things you eat

  1. Use a smaller plate

Pattern yourself to eat smaller quantity of food by using small plates. When you use small plates, the quantity of food you eat reduces. It takes the stomach 20minutes to signal the mind that it is satisfied. Therefore when using a smaller dish, learn to eat slowly.

  1. Don’t ban foods

Eat every food including your favourite because the more you ban meals from your diets, the more you miss and want to have them. Therefore, you can eat anything you like but it is advised to be in smaller quantity.

  1. Don’t stock junk food

Avoid storing your rooms with junks or snacks/ beverages because this food are the primary cause of weight gain and if you want to carry out your weight loss routine correctly, all forms of junk should be cleared off totally.

  1. Cut down on alcohol

Do you know that a glass of wine contains equal amount of calories in chocolate. This is unbelievable but really true. So in all you do to keep your weight in check, cutting down your alcohol intake will go a long way in the reduction routine.

  1. Plan your meals

Plan your meals regularly. Have a daily diet routine and make sure all meals are nutritious also. While shopping buy food items that contain less fatty foods.

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