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Top 10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

Top 10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

There are people who like to challenge life by putting it at risk. Practicing a radically dangerous “sport” may not mean exactly a suicidal behavior, although some say so. It may simply be a taste for adrenaline, an extreme pulse of life.
There are sports that are really dangerous and have high mortality rates, while they are very exciting! But what defines the risk of extreme sports? A BBC story says there is nothing specific that defines a sport as deadly, but they are usually activities that pose a high degree of risk of death.
We have prepared a list of 10 of the most dangerous sports practiced by people considered “crazy”.

1. Big wave surfing
It must be beautiful to see the sea from within a wave! Surfing is a sport that provides a lot of connection with nature, but the big waves offer, besides beauty, risks. The danger of the practice is poorly executed helicopter jumps for the surfer to fall into the water or to be rescued. In extreme cases, he can fall badly and drown.

2. Bull Riding
Popular in rodeos, the pawn needs to stand for 8 seconds on the raging bull. The risk is that the pawn could fall from the animal and be trampled or horned by it.

3. Street Luge
Who has once played the roller car? This sports

looks like this childhood adventure. Practitioners use a very large to go down a slope. The danger is that there are no brakes and the practitioner has to use his body to control the speed and direction of the skateboard. Something that can be very dangerous at 100 km/h.

4. Heli-Skiing
Very nice to see on TV the skiers maneuvering snowy mountains, right? But how do they get to the top of them? A helicopter takes the skiers there. From above, without a trail, without signage and unaware of the terrain, skiers go blindly down the mountains. This is where the danger lies.

5. Wing Walking
It involves moving on the wings of an airplane during flight, which is madness in itself. A modality in this game requires you to jump, with the parachute opened at the last moment. The biggest danger, besides all these, is in breaking the first law of wing walking: never let go of what you’re holding on to until you find another to hold on to.

6. Skydiving
When jumping from an airplane, the practitioner enjoys the view while in free fall, until the time to open the parachute. It offers more security to use two parachutes to have one in reserve should the first one fail. But it may happen that neither works.

7. Sky Surfing
Similar to skydiving, its plus is the use of a board attached to the feet, which is used to perform stunts. The danger is the risk that the board go be on top and the practitioner, upside down, preventing the parachute from openin

8. FreeStyle Motocross
Reminiscent of the Death Globe in circuses, motorcyclists in this game try to impress the judges with stunts, jumps and pirouettes which can reach 10m in height with their bikes. The problem is the weight of the motorcyclists and that the safety devices are not fully secured at this height.

9. Scuba Diving
When practiced at high depths, this is the third most dangerous sport in the world! If the diver rises rapidly to the surface, he or she may experience spinal cord, brain, and lung decompression problems.

10. Rock Climbing
There are several tragic cases that happened to people during rock climbing. Some have been turned up to film. Body injuries, body freezing due to low temperatures, and intense wear on descent are common. Not to mention the risk of an avalanche and the difficulty of rescue.

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