Sports are some recreational activities that spice up entertainments. There many “sports” in existence today. However, a lot of people travel to various states for sporting activity. Every sport needs a space to showcase skill. that is why stadiums are built. There are so many stadiums available in the world today. Some of the largest stadiums in existences are;

1. Runanga 1st of May Stadium, North Korea
The stadium is located in North Korea and was built in 1989; the North Korean stadium has a large capacity that can house more than 150,000 people. The stadium is usually good for playing soccer, wrestling, gymnastics and musical concerts. However there are other festivities that can done in the stadium. The stadium has well organised seats that are comfortable for anyone coming over to watch an event.

2. Salt Lake Stadium, India
This is another largest hotel in the world. The salt lake stadium has the capacity to accommodate a large number of people ranging from 140,000 to as many people available. The stadium was found in 1984 but in 2011, the stadium was renovated the stadium is regarded as the top second largest stadium in the world. It is also the biggest in India. The country’s stadium is known for its use. It has been used for hosting several FIFA football matches internationally and nationally.

3. USA Michigan Stadium
This stadium is occupying the third position in the ranking of largest stadiums in the world. It was built in 1927.calculating the cost of establishment; the stadium is expensive ($1.4million).Michigan stadium has some of the best seats for spectators. It has the accommodating capacity of more than 113,000 people. The stadium has hosted several international and local matches particularly football since 1975. However several events have also been conducted in this stadium.

4. Beaver Stadium, USA
The city of Beaver in USA is a host for the magnificent stadium. Beaver stadium is among the top largest stadiums in the world. The stadium is the fourth largest on the ranking worldwide and the second largest stadium in USA. The country can boost of its achievements since it was established. The stadium is the oldest in USA (1901) but was renovated years after not only to suit the initial purpose it was established but to suit hosting international and local matches, Bigger and more entertaining matches.

5. Estradiol Aztecs, Mexico
Mexico is not left out in this great listing. The country is known to have the fifth largest stadium know as Estradiol Aztecs. The stadium is famous because it has hosted several matches and football is one of those that have drawn the stadium into public light. The 1996 stadium was however expanded to house 105000 spectators and more. The stadium is used to host football matches internationally and locally. It is a host football matches by the local team “CLUB AMERICA”. However some FIFA matches have been recorded played in the stadium and it is also in its history to have the first “GOAL OF THE CENTURY’’ by Maradona in 1986. In a match between Argentina and England.

6. Ohio Stadium, USA
USA sure has some the largest stadiums. Ohio stadium is another stadium in the ranking. The stadium is a home for the local football team in Ohio University. The popularly horse shoe stadium has hosted several football leagues and the stadium has a large accommodating capacity to house 104,000 people. Apart from matches, the stadium is used to mark events, music concerts and entertaining shows.

7. Kyle Field Stadium, USA
Built in 1927 in Texas a&M university campus, it has become one of the largest stadiums in the world. It is a home for AGgie football team. It is well constructed to accommodate 102,500 spectators. However, history has it that the school is a patriotic effort by a graduate who wanted to introduce sport in the university named E. K kyle.

8. Neyland Stadium, USA
From the name of this stadium it is nice to say that the stadium is another petrotic effort by Robert Neyland who was football coach to the students of Tennessee College. It is another very large stadium located in USA and has the accommodating of over 102000 spectators. It has hosted several matches nationally and internationally. Fifa is counted as one of the international matches it has hosted.

9. Tiger Stadium, USA
Tiger stadium is located in Louisiana USA and was established in 1924. The initial accommodating capacity of this stadium was 12000 but being renovated, the accommodating capacity became 101,000 seats for spectators. The stadium is a home for its local club (state club) and it is popularly called Death Valley because it is difficult to win the Louisiana team.

10. Darell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium
The stadium is named after a football coach who won several matches to the state. The stadium was built in 1924. The stadium has the capacity to accommodate 100,000 spectators and it is a home for the country’s team. The stadium is also one of the largest stadiums in the world and has also hosted several matches.
Apart from the list of stadiums listed above, there are so many other stadiums in the world. Some stadiums are smaller while some a big.

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