There are so many “hotels” in “Lagos” both on the island and on the mainland. Lagos is one of the most visited states in Nigeria that is why having large numbers of hotel is nothing strange as visitors will need accommodation to stay while living in the country. There are so many luxurious hotels in Nigeria anyone can choose to spend their honeymoon, anniversary, vacation, meetings and more. Some of the best hotels in Lagos include;


  1. The “Wheat baker Hotel Lagos”

Looking for a perfect luxurious hotel to spend a honeymoon, business trip and more, The Wheat baker, is the right place for you. The hotel is amazing and absolutely cosy. The hotel is accommodating as the rooms are well arranged and designed to fit your presidential choice. Added to the hotel is fitness facilities, spa facility, laundry facilities, swimming pool and a well arranged setting to make you feel comfortable. The hotel is located at Address: 4 Onitolo (Lawrence Road), Ikoyi, Lagos. You can book into the hotel online or directly from the hotel.


  1. “The George hotel”

The George is another first class hotel to visit. The luxurious hotel has so many packed activities that make it a top choice to visit. Apart from the luxurious looks of the hotel, it provides facilities such as car order; chauffeur services, urgent medical attention, and delivery of flowers locally or internationally, free internet Wi-Fi connection, laundry service and many more. The hotel is located at 30 Lugard Road, “Ikoyi”.  Attach to the hotel is a sweet and very conducive dinning that is filled with amazing wine from different part of the world, halls for meetings and many more. The hotel is located at 30 Lugard Road, Ikoyi


  1. “Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel”

The Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel is just a stylish idea comfort. The hotel is located at 1 Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos. Apart from the magnificent structure of the hotel, it has other added benefits that complement the awesome palace such as Swedish designer Christian Lind wall, voyage restaurant, surface bar and more. You can get amazing treat of both local and international dishes.


  1. “The Federal Palace Hotel”

Get the best out of home experience at federal palace hotel, Lagos state. The hotel is a combination of modern and classical structure put together to make a good, luxurious structure. The hotel is structured in a foreign pattern have large, furnished rooms, well arranged facilities such as laundry facilities, spa restaurants and many more. Added to the hotel is a large hall for conferences and more. The hotel can be booked online or directly from the hotel. If you like to enjoy the luxury, simply locate it at Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island


  1. The Moor house Lagos

The Moor house is another amazing hotel located at 1 Bankole Oki Road Ikoyi, Lagos. The hotel is one of the best in Nigeria. Many people that have visited the place can attest to the luxurious and beautiful nature of this hotel. Added to the hotel apart from the well furnished rooms is a fitness facilities, waiting room, restaurants, and wine bar, pool and conference room.  However there are other facilities you can get within the hotel during your stay like spa services, free Wi-Fi and many more. With this amazing setting and organised pattern of having a good vacation, it is good to say that Moorhouse hotel is a good recommendation.


  1. Sheraton Lagos Hotel

“Sheraton Lagos Hotel” is one Nigeria’s oldest and safest hotels in years. It is located at 30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Lagos. Sheraton has one of the best and well-structured atmospheres for relaxation. The rooms are well furnished, pools and many more. The prestigious hotel can also boast of rendering other fantastic services like spa, body fitness facilities, and many others. One of the major reasons a large number of people are drawn to Sheraton is the intercontinental and local dishes they prepare. It is world class standard hotel for all.


  1. Eko Hotel

This is largos very popular hotel. The hotel is one of the best in Lagos, Nigeria located at Adetokunbo Ademola Street Lagos. The building is magnificent and spreads it shore across the kuramo lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean giving visitors a nice sight-seeing experience. The structure is well organised and every service offered in this hotel is professional. Added to the facilities are spa centres, restaurants, well-furnished room with Wi-Fi, pool, and many more.


  1. The Blowfish Hotel

The “Blowfish” hotel is a very good spot to spend a night, honeymoon, meeting and many more. It is a different world of luxury, quality and fashion. The world at Blowfish hotel is stress free, and many more. Added to this luxurious hotel is a bar, pool, restaurants and other added advantages like having to watch live jazz while swimming or having a cool evening view at the pool bar. The cuisines here are amazingly delicious with both intercontinental and local dishes.


  1. Protea Hotel, Lagos

One of “Lagos hotels” located on the mainland Isaac John Street, Lagos, Ikeja. Protea hotel is a hotel with very high standards. The hotel is top notch when it comes to relaxation or where to spend a vacation within mainland or Lagos at large. There are so many facilities available in the hotels such as fitness, spa, laundry facilities and more. The room are well arranged and structured. And the customer services are recommendable. Added to this is the hotels amazing restaurants where all visitors can enjoy a large menu of delicious cuisine, bar and a large accommodating conference centre.


  1. Southern Sun Ikoyi Hotel

“Southern sun Ikoyi hotel” is located at 47, Ikoyi. The hotel is a well standard hotel for all visitors. The hotel has large and well furnished rooms with facilities like Wi-Fi, mini bar and many more. It has restaurants where varieties of cuisines are made, bar spot and conference hall. The hotel is a perfect hub for business, family, private vacation.

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