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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 03: Daria Gavrilova and John Peers of Australia reacts during their Mixed Doubles First Round match against Alexandra Dulgheru and Florin Mergea of Romaniaon Day Four of the 2015 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 3, 2015 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

5 Amazing Reasons Why Men’s Tennis Differs From Women’s

5 Amazing Reasons Why Men’s Tennis Differs From Women’s

When a brand puts footwear that features the same models with different genre sorting on the market, most of the time we think it’s just a marketing ploy and that in reality, the only difference is the colors.
Since women’s sports shoes were smaller-size men’s shoes with stereotypically feminine colors, they ended up generating sarcastic phrases (and in a very bad tone) such as “just choose the rose!”.
Well, women’s struggle for equality and respect is nothing new. Therefore, brands that did not waste time and sought to make a real difference between men’s shoes and women’s shoes quickly noticed the growth in their sales of women’s sneakers.
Of course, in order to offer shoes to women, each manufacturer devoted their time to research that would lead them to design the ideal shoe for the needs that the female body demands.
To better understand how footwear makes a difference for each gender, we first need to understand the differences between a man’s body and a woman’s body, since it is these particularities that will reveal the way that each one runs and consequently influence the type of tennis that each one needs.

1. Heart Size
The woman’s heart is about 25% smaller than a man’s heart. This reduces the ability to pump through the body the blood that carries oxygen, which is extremely necessary for the muscles. So it is easier for men to run faster and longer.

2. Hormones
The hormone most produced by men is testosterone. It stimulates the development of muscle mass and the increased concentration of hemoglobin, which is one of the main conductors of oxygen in our body. These are some of the reasons why the male body circulates on average 11% more oxygen than in the women’s. The result is greater efficiency of the speed of the men during the races.

3. Body fat
In the female body, the primary hormone is estrogen, which stimulates the accumulation of fat in the body. That is why there is a predisposition in the female body to maintain an additional 5% to 10% body fat. This extra weight implies much more effort for women to perform an exercise rate equivalent to those performed by men.

4. Injury
Lesions are more present in women. This is due to two reasons: lower muscle mass and bone fragility. This second occurs mainly by the loss of estrogen, which is more frequent when the women are in menopause.
Another factor also contributes to injuries in the female body. Women have a wider pelvic structure, which modifies the position of the hip in relation to men. This difference generates increased stress on the lower part of the body such as: knees and feet. This offers a greater risk of injury. This is why women’s shoes are much more cushioned.

4. Muscular Structure
The composition of the muscle fibers of men and women are the same, however, the presence of high levels of testosterone in the male body implies in the larger and faster development of muscle mass.

5. Training
Overall, men are more likely to handle high-mileage workouts. But just as a training plan can not be indicated for all people, having better conditions of physical development doesn’t mean that all men run greater distances than all women. For example, there is a woman who walks weekly about 125km in her workouts, while some men can not get past the 80s. So regardless of gender, the training will always be personalized.

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