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10 Biggest Air Crashes in History

10 Biggest Air Crashes in History

Odd as they are, when they happen, air crashes leave a large number of deaths and injuries. See in this article the 10 largest air tragedies in history that did not involve terrorist attacks or acts of war.


1. Tenerife air crash
Deaths: 583
On March 27, 1977, a bomb exploded at the airport of Gran Canaria, Spain. There were threats of a second bomb and many flights were redirected to Los Rodeos airport. The confusion between the aircraft controls caused two Boeing 747s, one from Pan American World Airways and another from KLM Royal Dutch, to crash near the ground. The accident left only 61 survivors.

2. Flight 123 of Japan Airlines
Deaths: 520
In 1978, a Boeing 747SR was identified with a serious problem in the fuselage of the aircraft, but the team affirmed that it had repaired the damage. However, on August 12, 1985, the Japan Air Lines aircraft was traveling from Tokyo to Osaka, and soon after taking off, a part of it exploded, which caused the aircraft to lose altitude and fall. Only four survived.

3. Charkhi Dadri accident
Deaths: 349On November 12, 1996, Saudi Arabian Airlines ‘Boeing 747-100B and Kazakhstan Airlines’ Ilyushin Il-76 crashed into Charkhi Dadri, India. The accident may have occurred due to miscommunication. There were no survivors.

4. Turkish Airlines Flight 981
Deaths: 346
On March 3, 1974, Turkish Airlines flight 981 crashed into a forest in Ermenonville, Turkey. The aircraft depressurized and was damaged. The accident left no survivors.

5. Flight 163 from Saudi
Deaths: 301
In 1980, on August 19, a Saudi Arabian Airlines aircraft was flying home in Saudi Arabia. As soon as the aircraft took off, it caught fire and made an emergency landing, which caused the accident. There were no survivors and there is speculation that the plane’s crew failed to successfully evacuate the crew.

6. Iranian Revolutionary Guards Accident
Deaths: 275
On February 19, 2003, the Iranian Air Force collided on a mountain of Kerman, when it took the Revolutionary Guards. The accident left no survivors and its cause is still unclear. There is also the possibility that the aircraft collided with the plane of an extremist group, but the facts were not clear.

7. American Airlines Flight 191 air crash in Chicago
Deaths: 273
In 1979, on May 25, American Airlines flight 191 left Chicago. As the aircraft took off, it lost control and fell, leaving no survivors.

8. American Airlines Flight 587Deaths: 265
On November 12, 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks, flight 587 to Santo Domingo collided shortly after taking off. The cause of the accident was an error from the pilot, who had difficulties with the airplane turbulence.

9. China Airlines Flight 140Deaths: 264
On April 26, 1994, Flight 140 to Nagoya, Japan, crashed shortly before landing. The pilot accidentally pressed the “TOGA” button (take-off, go around), used in takeoffs to accelerate the speed of the aircraft. The accident left seven survivors.

10. Nigeria Airways Flight 2120
Deaths: 261On July 11, 1991, a fire broke out on the Saudi Arabia-bound aircraft because of a tire that overheated on takeoff. The plane crashed soon after, leaving no survivors.

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