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How to Prepare Egusi Soup

How to Prepare Egusi Soup

“Egusi” soup is a popular soup in Nigeria. The delicious soup is popularly by people from the south, west and eastern part of Nigeria. Everyone has a unique style the love to prepare and enjoy their delicacy. Some love it with vegetables and others without, some with locust bean(IRU) while others prefer it just the way it is. However, the Nigerian soup can be eaten with pounded yam, garri, wheat and many more.

This soup can be prepared in different ways and every style you use, should give you a good result. Here is a detailed guidelines of how to make Egusi soup.
Before you start preparation, there are so many ingredient to be made available before the cooking starts. Many of the ingredients are affordable and available in markets. Some of the these ingredients include;
• Egusi
• salt
• spice(seasoning, onion & pepper)
• beef/fish/stock fish/crayfish
• palm oil
• vegetables
• Iru (optional)
• pots

If you have all of this recipes together, starting your cooking is the next thing to do. The steps are easy to carry out. If you are a beginner, follow all these steps accordingly and expect a positive result.

Step 1

• To start cooking, wash all the ingredients you want to use like fish, meat, stock fish, crayfish if not blended.
• When this is done, you are good to go. Put a pot with water on fire.
• Wash your meat, fish, stock fish and sauce it properly with seasoning cubes, salts, and onions. Cover pot and allow to boil up for 20 minutes. when your meat is properly cooked to your desire, you can do the next step
Step 2

this step is quite easy and fast. All you have to do is
• Mix your blended Egusi in water. You can add water to your desire.
• get your fry pan/pot, add oil and put on the fire
• add your diced onion to the pot on fire
• pour your Egusi into the hot oil cover pot to allow fry for a while
Step 3

• stir the content in the pot over to allow it fry properly for 15minutes
• when you are sure your Egusi is properly fried, add your sauce meat and meat extract to the frying Egusi
• leave to boil for 5minutes
Step 4

• stir after 5minutes and add more spice to taste. Cover for another 5minutes
• after 5minutes, add your vegetable/bitter leave to give is a greenish background and an attractive look
• reduce the heat from your gas cooker or stove to soften the vegetable
• leave for a period of 1-3minutes then you can drop pot down and be ready to eat your meal.

Egusi is commonly cooked in most eateries in Nigeria. The soup is best served with Pounded Yam, Eba, Wheat, Amala, Fu fu, and a lot of other combination. The African dish is easy to prepare.

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