10 Secured Cities to Visit in Nigeria

10 Secured Cities to Visit in Nigeria

With the crime rate in Nigeria, choosing a safe place to live is not a bad compliment. Religious insurgencies, and other minor differences has caused war in different states. This is why, when looking for a choice location to reside to, always put safety and security as a priority.
There so many states and Nigeria that a secured to live in. Some of those states include;

Abuja is the most developed city with luxurious buildings and facilities. Abuja being a presidential area contributes to the reason why it is a safe place to migrate to. The city is safe and peaceful. The different executive arms dwell at every zone to protect the city from external aggression. CCTV usage is very common in Abuja which is the capital territory. Being one of the developed cities in Nigeria, the government pay so much attention on the city’s security standing. However, it is no longer news that the federal capital territory is located in Abuja. This means Abuja is a high standard area that is filled with various political personalities and because of these, the security is extreme.

Lagos is one of the secured places to live in Nigeria. The crowded city of Lagos is guided by different security units. Note; Lagos is one of the most visited cities in Nigeria, but on this account, no visitor has complained about the city lagging security. The federal government and state government spend so much money on this arms of securities. Which is why Lagos is a secured place to live.

Calabar is know to be one of the finest States in Nigeria. The city being called the people’s paradise has pose to also be a safe place to reside. This city is also a great attraction for expatriates which makes the numbers of police station increasingly available at every spot in the state. However the population of the city has grown greatly. Note that Calabar is a peaceful city.

Port Harcourt
This is another secured city located in the Niger delta. The city is blessed with all you can ever imagine. The population is however rising everyday and so is the standard of security in the state. The state is a peaceful state free from religious insurgence despite having a population of people practising different religion, kidnapping and more. Being one of the largest state in the Niger region and a great centre for visitors, the state can proudly boast of good security with the government giving a large amount of funds to all security units in the state.

Ibadan is a good city located in the western part of Nigeria. The city is popular all over the world. Ibadan is a good site for those interested in living in the west. Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s oldest cities with good heritage and culture. It is know to be a good business hub for buying and selling. It is also a good spot for living at a low cost. note; security is top at duty in Oyo state. The government contribute highly into the security of the state.

Imo state is another safe city located in the east. The city has put in so much effort in safety to secure the lives and comfort of all occupants and visitors. Imo state is one of the states currently growing in population because of the good and less expensive standard of living. In this respect, the government has directed all effort into development and reduction of crime.

In recent time, Benin, Edo State has proven to be a free and safe state to live in. The government of Edo state is working hard a to make sure the state becomes recorded as safest state. All executive like police, civil defence, soldiers and more are available to give the city protection. The city is however a historical ground for cultural heritage and for this reason, it attract visitors from all over the world.

Akure is a peaceful and welcoming land to live. The city is safe/secured. The city is a mixed combination of all religion but as record can tell, the city has greatly been able to live with their religious lapses. However there is no threat of any kind because the government of the state pay due attention and funding to the security units.

The city of Enugu is another safe state. The city is popularly known for it coal business. However the city is blessed with lots of resort attraction like caves, luxury hotels, waterfalls and more. The city is recorded as on of the most visited cities in Nigeria. The city has a very low crime record and you can boost of your comfort and safety living in the state.

This is another good city to live. Its a city with welcoming people and good sense of humour. The city is safe and secured to live in without the risk of crime or religious insurgences the city of Osogbo is a blessed city with a good government reducing the rate of crime.

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