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Top 50 Popular Inventions

11. ELECTRIC BULB (1879)
An electric lamp is a device that produces light from electrical energy. This conversion can be done by different methods such as heating by Joule effect of a metallic filament or by fluorescence of certain metals before an electric shock. It was invented in 1879.

12. SKIING BOARD (6000 a.C)
A ski board or simply ski is a board specially designed to slide on snow and make a descent down a snowy mountain skiing. Originally the ski boards were a single piece of wood.
The computer1 2 (meaning in Latin: computare, ‘to calculate’) is an electronic machine that receives and processes data to convert them into convenient and useful information.

The printing press is a mechanical method designed to reproduce texts and images on paper, fabric or other materials. In its classic form, it consists of applying ink, generally oily, on metal pieces (types) to transfer it to paper by pressure.

15. PAPER (100 B.C)
The paper is a material consisting of a thin sheet made from the pulp of cellulose, a paste of ground vegetable fibers suspended in water, usually bleached, and then dried and hardened, which is usually added substances such as polypropylene. It was invented in China in 100 B.C.

Blood transfusion is the transfer of blood or a blood component from one person (donor) to another (recipient). With the discoveries made about the circulation of blood by William Harvey, in 1628, a more sophisticated investigation for transfusions began several years after. The first successful transfusion was in 1667.

17. BREAD (8000 B.C.E)
Bread is a staple food which is part of the traditional diet in the Middle East, Europe, America, India, and Oceania. It is usually prepared by baking a dough, made primarily with cereal flour, salt, and water.

18. CONDOMS (1640 A.D)
A condom or prophylactic is a barrier-shaped device that can be used during sexual intercourse to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as AIDS / HIV. It rolls up on an erect penis before copulation.

19. TOOLS (2.6 million years ago)
A tool is an elaborated object in order to facilitate the realization of a mechanical task that requires a correct application of energy. The first tool, which is the wooden scraper, was invented during this time.

20. TELEPHONE (1871/1876)
The telephone is a telecommunication device designed to transmit acoustic signals remotely by means of electrical signals. Alexander Graham Bell is often considered the inventor of the telephone, alongside Elisha Gray.

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