TOP 5 people who became geniuses after sustaining head injuries

TOP 5 people who became geniuses after sustaining head injuries

While a blow to the head can be fatal to some, for others, it is a real “stroke of luck”. Here are some surprising cases.

1. Jason Padgett
At 31 years of age, Jason was employed in the family furniture store. He had not finished his studies and loved to “party”. Then, the furniture store was robbed. During the robbery, Jason received a strong blow to the head that left him unconscious. But not everything was a tragedy. When the man woke up he had become a genius for mathematics and physics, subjects that he had previously detested.
Jason was diagnosed with savant syndrome or savantism, in which brain injuries convert people who were previously normal, into mathematical geniuses, creative plastic artists or virtuous musicians. In fact, now at 46, Jason is one of the few people capable of drawing fractals by hand.

2. Orlando Serrell
Another is the case of Orlando, who received a hard hit on the head at the age of 10 years. At that time, the child did not tell his parents anything and therefore did not receive adequate medical attention. For more than a year, he suffered intense headaches.
Now at 49 years of age, Orlando has discovered that he has “calendar memory”, remembers everything that happened this or that day of the week, and knows perfectly on what day it will fall, or on what day it fell. For example, he can say how many times on March 12th it has fallen. “It was Friday, it was raining and I ordered a pizza with sausage and Pepperoni from Domino’s,” Orlando recalled on February 11, 1983.

3. Tony Cicoria
Tony was an orthopedic surgeon until he was struck by lightning while walking through a park in 1994. Fortunately, a nurse was nearby and after giving him first aid, he saved the man’s life. But shortly after, something strange happened in the life of Tony. He began with an inexplicable compulsion to listen to classical music, then imitate and play. Although he never before had even learned to use an instrument.
Tony, now 67 years old and a resident of New York, says it only took him a couple of weeks to learn to play the piano. Now he cannot stop playing.

4. Ben McMahon
Unfortunately for his parents, Ben suffered a car accident that left him in a coma; They thought he would never recover. However, weeks later Ben woke up and that was not the only miracle. Now, he began speaking Mandarin.
Ben, 22, says that when he woke up, he saw a nurse with oriental features and thought he was in China, so he tried to speak Mandarin which he had studied very little in school; The surprise is that he began to speak as if he were a native.
Thanks to his newly acquired skill, Ben now works as a guide for Chinese tourists in Australia, but also conducts a successful television program aimed at Chinese residents of that huge island.

5. Daniel Tammett
At the age of 3 years, Daniel suffered a terrible epileptic attack after which he began to obsess over complicated calculations. Throughout his education, Daniel received several awards, but nothing extraordinary. It was until he turned 25 years old, when they diagnosed Daniel with savant syndrome.
Daniel can perform calculations with an impressive degree of accuracy. To give you an example, he recited “Pi” with 22,514 decimals of memory and “running”; It took him 5 hours and 9 minutes to do it. He also speaks 10 languages, including the Icelandic one he learned during a television interview.
Now, at 35 years of age, Daniel says that when he makes calculations he sees a couple of ways in his mind, from which a third arises, which is the answer. “It’s mental engineering, it’s like doing mathematics without having to think,” confesses the genius.

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