Top 10 countries Where There is More Sex

Top 10 countries Where There is More “Sex”

Sexual activities do not escape anyone in the world, not even the least civilized populations or the most religious populations. This time, we would like to tell you which are the countries where they have more sex. You may want to start assembling the bag and take the first flight to any of them.

10 Mexico – 71%
Did you know that Mexico was declared one of the hottest countries in the world and the second where people are more sexually satisfied? 63% do it and do it well! Why is this so? Some argue that it is the frankness put to sex education in the country.

9 Spain – 72%
A nation laden with sexuality! With its nudist beaches, its great acceptance of equal marriage and its recent first place in the survey of the world’s best lovers, Spain has all the advantages when it comes to good sex. Do you want some curious facts? A quarter of the Spanish population claims to have an excellent sex life and 90% of the population is satisfied with their sex life.

8 Switzerland – 72%
Great, Switzerland! It is often said that the cold favors more sexual approach. Some say that Switzerland is ranked number 8 in countries that have more sex because of its progressive approach to prostitution, the number of licensed brothels, the liberal way in which pornography is taken and the sex education programs that they start in kindergarten.

7 Nigeria – 74%
According to a recent survey, Nigeria is the number 1 country in sexual satisfaction with 67% of its population saying they are sexually satisfied. Another curious fact is that Nigerians are the ones who have the best average in a sexual relationship which is 24 minutes. What will it be?

6 Germany – 76%
Although the Germans are known as the the country has one of the highest sexual satisfaction rates in the world. And that’s where sex education programs are the best. A curious fact: more than 30% of Germans had relations in a public place. Surprising!

5 Italy – 76%
And who would not have sex there with the abundance of good wine and good food there! The Italians are considered among the best lovers in the world thanks to their conquest which begins with romance from the table. Good food and good sex, who wants to go to Italy?

4 China – 78%
Despite being one of the most conservative and repressive societies in the world, China has one of the highest percentages in the ranking of countries that have more sex. In addition, behind closed doors, its population has more sex weekly than most other nations in the world. Now you know why this country has a population of 1.3 billion people!

3 Australia – 80%
Did you know that 75% of Australians reported having sex on public roads? They go brave and daring! Even, many of the Australian women declared that they would not change anything of their sexual life and that they fantasize with a trio. This nation has left us all open-mouthed!

2 Brazil – 82%
How hot are they in Brazil! This is a country that is full of joy and blessed with women and men like none. There, men have second place in the world’s best lovers and Brazilians, in general, claim to be sexually satisfied. The fact is 82% of the population has sex more than once a week. Applause!

1 Greece – 87%
And we come to the country where people have more sex. Would you have imagined that it was Greece? Many say that this is because the Greeks have no problem in telling what their sexual fantasies and desires are and, in fact, the Greeks have been talking about sex for years. Bravos!

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