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Top 8 Things That are Better Than Sex

Yes, there are better things than sex. And this isn’t just a conjecture or hypothesis; numerous studies affirm it. At first thought, it may be hard to agree to this, but when you go on a sex strike, you also enjoy other things that are equally pleasurable. Here is a list of the best activities that are more pleasurable than having a bit of crumpet.

(1) Eat a dark chocolate
Dark black chocolate contains cocoa butter, cocoa solids, and sugar. It also consists of a compound called phenylethylamine. This substance causes the endorphins to be triggered in the pleasure centers of the brain, just like when you have sex.

(2) Scratching your back
Whether it’s the generosity of a friendly hand or the wall, scratching your back at the precise point where it bites you in a devilish way is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Sometimes, the feeling can surpass the feeling of hitting a high spot.

(3) A massage that lasts and lasts
A massage that leaves you light as a feather could be the prelude to an orgasm.

(4) Watching TV
It may seem like something meaningless, that watching TV is better than sex. But it has its explanation: we concentrate so much on the programs, that we disconnect in an incredible way. And more, if it is watching our favorite program. It is true that with the rise of the Internet, this will have changed a bit, but it is also true that sitting down to watch a good program with a couple of popcorn, is something that we would not change for anything. So when the heavy shifter tells you that “I do not watch TV”, tell him he’s making a big mistake. Moreover, 40% of people prefer to watch television than sex. Of course, they would not admit it in public. It’s amazing, but of course, it can also depend on the quality of sex, right? Ask yourself, and well, you may be surprised at what you really think.

(5) Going to the pool on a hot day
That feeling of alleviating a hellish heat of 40 degrees when coming into contact with the pool is unparalleled. At this point in time, would you replace this with 10 minutes of getting laid?

(6)Have a cup of coffee in the morning
Some make this a daily ritual. We think it’s perfect because the smell of coffee in the morning is something that makes us open our eyes, turns us on, and makes us start the day with a big smile. We do not know what it is that it has, but someone who prepares our coffee as we wake up is someone we should love all our life.

(7) Slim down
Yes, losing weight is a pleasure. It is true that the process of the diet is not so pleasant, but the truth is that when we weigh ourselves on the scale and realize that we have lost a couple of kilos or more than we expected, we feel euphoric. At that time, we have the right to feel beautiful and let everyone know that we are lighter. The pleasure does not come only by the mere fact of losing weight, but all that entails: that we are prettier, and that it is something worth admiring. And the admiration of others is also something that makes us feel very, very good. Therefore, when we lose weight, we may feel even better than when we have an orgasm.

(8) Go shopping
Men may not understand this, but in fact, shopping is a pleasure. Because we have before us a range of opportunities: opportunities to be more beautiful or handsome, to be more admired, and above all, envied. Although, one may not want to admit it, we all like to feel that others have a little envy for how we have that new dress, or because they would also like to buy that bag. Shopping makes us feel better and makes us think that in the future we will be better. Therefore, this statement is more valid in women than in men, because according to a study, 2% would renounce any sexual relationship for three years, in exchange for renewing their wardrobe. This goes up to 61% if you choose between sex and your favorite clothes.

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